Thursday, December 9, 2010

Real-time bus information shows exactly what you'd expect

Today WMATA released real-time bus data to the public.  However the data is raw and in API form, so hopefully some apps to digest it all will be coming soon.

The Washington Post has already come out with one, and here is what they found today:

 At 10:30 this morning, there were 266 buses navigating the region, and a quarter were running 7 minutes or more behind. (Ten percent were at least 13 minutes late.) Ten percent were two minutes early, and 18 percent were right on the money, within a minute of schedule.

One 32 bus to Friendship Heights was 38 minutes late, and another on the N8 Glover Park line was 39 minute early. An S4 Federal Triangle bus was a half hour early, and an S80 to Metro Park was 35 minutes behind.
The post also came up with this nifty map, which we have adapted to show buses going to and from (and within) Penn Quarter.  Green dots mean a bus is five minutes early or five minutes late; Yellow dots mean a bus is 5 to 15 minutes outside of its scheduled time; and Red mean a bus is at least 15 minutes late (or early).

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