Saturday, December 4, 2010

Smithsonian Jolly Holiday Party

The Smithsonian Young Benefactors Jolly Holiday party last night was packed with people and PQ Insider was there.

There was a lot of food, ranging from sliders to chicken skewers.

However, there was only one bar.  The event was open bar, but the bar only had vodka and tequila -- no whisky of any sort, or any other liquor.

PQ Insider watched as patron after patron ordered whisky only to be turned down.

The party specialty drink was a tequila and lime juice concoction that tasted a lot like a bad margarita.

The dance floor was a carpeted area in front of the DJ -- or at least that is what it became.  After a few specialty drinks, the party quickly packed the dance floor.  The music was modern top 40.

The party was 8pm until midnight and the crowd did not dwindle in its final hours--but the bar did get ransacked.

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