Thursday, December 30, 2010

Metro to accelerate escalator modernization at Gallery Place and Union Station

Metro is accelerating the modernization of some escalators at Gallery Place and Union Station.  A great idea after some of the problems these escalators have caused.

What exactly does modernization mean?  Metro will be overhauling the escalators, including the removal, refurbishment or replacement of all escalator parts including existing escalator steps, handrails, safety devices, and the electrical systems within the units.

At Gallery Place, Metro will be accelerating the process on four escalators at the 7th Street entrance to Red Line platforms.  While they do these renovations, one escalator will be removed from service and another will be stationary, but can be used as a regular staircase.  Only two will be operating as escalators.

At Union Station, four escalators will also be renovated, those at the First Street entrance platform to the mezzanine level and from the mezzanine level to the Amtrak level.

Metro promises to use double work shifts, which means the escalator modernization will be done in 8 weeks instead of the expected 12.  They will begin work in early January 2011 and will finish by the end of February.

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