Monday, December 13, 2010

Fire at Metro Center

We are hearing there is a fire at Metro Center, which is causing delays on the blue and orange line in both directions.

One tipster told us their train operator said they won't be moving "for awhile" and may be completely offloading in Arlington.

WMATA confirms there are reports of smoke on the trackbed.  Trains are sharing tracks between McPherson Square and Federal Triangle, though we hear the delays go much farther than that.

Update: A tipster who had to get off the train early was told by a WMATA driver that they are offloading half of the trains.
Update: D.C. Fire/EMS confirms the fire in the Metro Center station.  They say it is "smoldering" and is under control.  They are scaling back, but not leaving the scene entirely.  Blue and Orange lines are still delayed.

Update: Apparently the fire was caused by a light fixture in the tunnel that caught fire because of an electrical problem.  The fire then caused the light fixture to fall and hit the tracks, where the exhaust fans were activated.

Update: WMATA reports the "situation" is resolved.  They also say delays continue in both directions.

Update: Trains are no longer sharing a track and service has returned to normal.  However, major delays will continue for some time.  DCist has posted a picture of the fire at Metro Center:

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