Thursday, December 2, 2010

Redline in Review

After being turned away from Merzi last night, PQ Insider finally tried Redline.

The restaurant is still in its soft opening phase, so there is a limited menu, but it is open to the public.

Redline was fairly crowded and lively last night, and most of the crowd looked like (and acted like) they had been there since happy hour.

Redline is a great place to drink.  They have a ton of TVs, an open floor plan, and a nice bar. 

Many of the tables have a draft beer spigot built right into the table.  Two of them, and each dispenses a different type of beer.  To keep track of how much you're consuming, there is a screen built into the table.  This table was dispensing Bud Light and Stella:

The bar certainly beats other local favorites like Rocket Bar, RFD, and Iron Horse for gathering to drink.

They are still working on the food.  The parmesan fries were soggy.  The pesto chicken sandwich was pretty good--and among bar food it was great--but nothing to write home about.

The restaurant is still visibly under construction, with dust covering the stairs as you come up.

Redline did pretty well for a soft opening.  I think it will do even better in the future.

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