Friday, May 6, 2011

Clues than 901 may be opening soon

In February, we suggested that 901 Restaurant may be running behind schedule.  And, in fact, they did miss their April 2011 target opening date.

However, they seem to be very close to opening, and are hiring staff.

A Craigslist Ad that we found advertises open positions at 901 for servers, bartenders, hosts, and bussers.

The ad was posted last week, and directs potential applicants to apply in person at the hotel.   This mass hiring of a lot of personnel means they will train them all at once, probably.  How long will training take?  Impossible to know, especially since some of the staff may be inexperienced (the ad says experience is "preferred"). 

Another ad was posted last Friday, and said they were accepting applications in the lobby of the hotel.  A number was given for "recorded information," but when you call the number all you get is a recording that says the mailbox is full.

A week earlier, they had advertised a position for an Assistant Manager, which has presumably been filled.  However, at the beginning of the month they had also advertised for that position, as well as a lot of the staff they are currently hiring.  They had also placed ads for back of the house dishwashers and line cooks, but no longer seem to have those positions available.

As soon as we know an opening date, you will know an opening date.

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