Monday, May 16, 2011


Canadian hip-hop star Drake was in the District over the weekend, and did a private performance for an 18th birthday party happening at the W Hotel on Saturday night, reports Yeas & Nays.  He then went to Ibiza Nigthclub for a Howard University graduation celebration.

Comedian and Comedy Central Host Stephen Colbert made a splash on Friday.  It was rumored he was roaming about Capitol Hill, and then he tweeted "Join me at the FEC today at 4.  Then we'll cross the street to Hard Rock Cafe and get totally PACfaced."  The comedian has been lobbying the FEC to allow him to talk about his Political Action Committee on the air and not count it as a contribution from the network.

Vincent D'Onofrio, the star or Law and Order Criminal Intent was seen at the Crime & Punishment Museum on Saturday afternoon.  He posed next to his own picture at the museum's lie detector exhibit. 

And although not quite in Penn Quarter, we have to mention that Steve Martin was seen at Equinox for an early dinner last Tuesday night.  He was with a female, and they both ate from the vegetarian tasting menu.  He was apparently in town for the White House Evening of Poetry on Wednesday night. 

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