Monday, May 23, 2011

Metro looking to change station names

Archives-Navy Mem'l-Penn Quarter - it's a mouthful.   It also gets confused with Navy Yard sometimes, and everyone seems to refer to it as a different part of that long name.  Gallery Pl-Chinatown isn't much better.

Now, with a lot of improvements and changes coming to Metro, WMATA is looking to change the name of stations to make them more accessible.

The Washington Examiner reports that Metro wants to have simplified names in place by August 1st, and may be giving riders some input.

The issue, of course, is making them easy for tourists and workable for residents.  Originally, station names were supposed to be no more than 19 characters long, and only 13 characters for transfer points, such as Gallery Pl-Chinatown.  That rule has obviously been ignored.

The sign and map changes is expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they are doing this project now because the yellow and blue lines have to be realigned and purple line additions have to be made anyway.

What do you think the Penn Quarter metro stations should be named?

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  1. How about the following simplifications:
    Penn Quarter
    U Street
    Woodley Park
    Convention Center
    Foggy Bottom
    An easy simplification would be to drop the names of the universities (eg. Foggy Bottom George Washington University, Ballston Marymount University, Brookland Catholic University of America). etc