Monday, May 9, 2011

Just another "no grocery store" post

It's almost become a cliche how often Penn Quarter residents talk about the lack of a grocery store.  We have a lot in our neighborhood that we are very thankful for, and the Safeway in Mount Vernon Triangle is not far away. 

Nonetheless, it seems like a small market would be a great investment in our neighborhood.

Penn Quarter Insider was in National Harbor, Maryland over the weekend and noticed that even there--where there are far fewer condos and a much bigger CVS--there is a small market that has the things you might need to rush out for.  And some (high-profit) prepared food items that would be a nice fit for the Penn Quarter lifestyle.


  1. We had this. It was called Marvelous Market. They closed.

  2. Yes. However, we think Marvelous Market is quite a bit different than what they have at National Harbor. Potomac Market is more like a small grocery store than a cafe with items around the sides. They have cereal, deli meats, eggs, milk, shampoo, snacks, etc.

  3. We've been over this ground many times as a neighborhood since 2005. What is now Carmine's was supposed to be Balducci's but the rent was too high. The Marvelous Market on 7th Street didn't have a true market mix that a resident could live off and it wasn't well run so it closed. The residential density isn't really there like it is in Columbia Heights or 14th St (Union Row) to support a gourmet market. Wagamama may actually move into the old Olsson's space. The CVS on 8th St now stocks prepped foods that might otherwise help support a gourmet market with high margin items. There's a Safeway within walking distance. Some gourmet items are available piecemeal from various stores - fresh milk from well treated cows and cheese can be had at Cowgirl Creamery, chocolate is next door at Coco Sala, wines and beers are available at Central and ZWK, meats and veggies are available at the Farmer's Market on Thursdays, and so on.

    If this was destined to happen, it would have happened by now. The only event that might change the equation is CityCenter which will add more residents and shift the residential population density a bit to the north.

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