Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Penn Quarter beer debuts today

Penn Quarter has its own beer.   Now we have really made it.

Being released today by DC Brau, Penn Quarter Porter, as it's called, is between a porter and a stout.  It is a limited release and is only available in draft form.

It is a bit of a secret as to where the kegs of Penn Quarter Porter are being delivered.  "John Wilkes Booth was part of a secret society - and it's a bit of a secret where all of our kegs went!" says DC Brau.

A list of the possible establishments is here.  However, DC Beer has reported rumors that Meridian Pint, Churchkey, and Smith Commons will be the first places to have Penn Quarter Porter in stock.

UPDATE: The Washington Post reports RFD will have at least one keg of Penn Quarter Porter.  They also suggest checking other bars "near the Verizon Center."

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