Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Penn Quarter Scavenger Hunt

The Game, a company that organizes scavenger hunts in New York and other large cities, is coming to Washington. 

One of their scavenger hunts is based in Penn Quarter.  You get clues by text message on your phone, which allows you to start the hunt whenever you want.

The Penn Quarter hunt begins at Ford's TheatreTo promote their new territory, they are letting people play for FREE.   You can get your free tickets here.

Here is their description of the scavenger hunt based on our neighborhood:

"Explore an area that's as diverse as it is fascinating. From Ford's Theater to the Museum of Crime and Punishment, you'll discover some of the darkest locations in DC History. Make friends with legendary Americans at the National Portrait Gallery before learning to translate Mandarin in DC's Chinatown. Decipher inscriptions at the old Calvary Church, and you may just get a C-I-A for effort at the National Spy Museum. Navigate your way to the Navy Memorial, where navy SEALs welcome you with open arms. You'll be so enamored with DC by the time you finish; you'll be texting in all CAPITALS."

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