Monday, May 9, 2011

Mike Isabella to publish a cookbook

Graffiato is not yet open, but Executive Chef and Owner (and Top Chef star) Mike Isabella has not kept too busy to make a book deal.

Isabella announced today that in Fall of 2012 he will introduce his very first cookbook.  The book will be entitled Flavors from a Jersey Italian and will feature his favorite home style dishes.

“My grandmother taught me to cook as a way to occupy my mind and my hands and keep me out of trouble. She passed away when I was 21 and I thought I’d never cook traditional Italian food again,” said Isabella.  “Fifteen years later with the opening of Graffiato, I’m ready to share my version of Italian food and hope I can inspire home cooks with my twist on classic Jersey-Italian dishes.”

While Graffiato will feature Italian-inspired small plates and incorporate influences from his entire culinary career, this cookbook goes back to Chef Isabella’s roots with traditional Jersey-Italian fare.

Graffiato is expected to open in early June.

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