Thursday, January 12, 2012

Penn Quarter Odds & Ends

PQ Mug image from this store

Some odds and ends this Thursday:

  • Red Velvet moves to winter hours on Monday.  Monday-Friday they'll be open 9am-11pm, and Saturday and Sunday they'll be open 10am-11pm.
  • We loved this article about Maria Trabocchi's menu at Fiola.  "Maria's Light Menu" is a three-course lunch ($19) which is usually salad, grilled fish, and sorbet.  "I like sweetness at the end of my meal.  I just love my clothes more, and I don't want to buy a new wardrobe."
  • We've had great service at Austin Grill, and we've had less than great service at Austin Grill: but there's no reason to write "I make more than you do.  My time is worth more than yours" like this guy did on the tip line.
  • It was announced that Central's Michel Richard will be joining the Foodie and the Beast event at Carmine's (see our post on it here) this Sunday.


  1. Is the mug store a PQ Insider effort?

  2. We just like to highlight Penn Quarter items! We like these too:,478869548