Thursday, January 12, 2012

Seeing the Wizards on Just Three Dimes

Dan Steinberg did a profile at DC Sports Bog of a Wizards fan that caught our eye this week.  The fan, Kevin Walsh, was considering seeing a movie when he stumbled into Wizards-Raptors tickets on StubHub.  Their price?  A measly 30¢.  His evening just got 97% cheaper.
"Even with the instant download fees, it was cheaper to go to the Wizards game with four people than for myself to sit and watch a movie I didn't really want to see," said Walsh.
Indeed - at those prices, you could go to 38 Wizards games before you topped the price of an $11.50 movie ticket.

We considered how local businesses would be affected when the NBA lockout was looming, but we'll admit we never assessed the effect of 30¢ tickets.  So, are crowds being drawn away from movie theaters and art galleries and instead spending a few dimes on the Wizards?  You tell us:

Ironically, that 30¢ got that lucky Wizards fan a seat to the first win all season.

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