Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jumbotron Follow up for Vida Members

Lots of attention has been given to the light pollution that the new Verizon Center signage may bring.  But here's a perspective we didn't consider: those who work out within the Verizon Center.  VIDA Fitness sent an email today with the following message:
"As a VIDA Member, you need to be aware that one of Verizon Center's planned Jumbotrons would literally cover the vast majority of VIDA's leased space.  One of the important amenities that we offer is floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the natural light is very much a part of what makes VIDA so enjoyable.  Many of you value the scenic views of downtown DC you enjoy while utilizing our cardio equipment of simply walking the 3rd Floor during your weight lifting routine.  This visual reinforces that this is truly a neighborhood where people work, live and work out."
Indeed, the legislation explicitly considers signage at the Verizon Center, "including the Metro entrance on the corner of 7th and F Streets, N.W.," which is what's pictured below.  Vida Fitness is housed just behind the glass there.

Vida members: what's your take? 

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