Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New digital signs may be coming to the Verizon Center

Photo from TBD.

When the three digital billboards went up at 7th and H Streets, there was some fury from the neighborhood.  People didn't like the light pollution, they were ugly, they distracted drivers, etc.

Well, they haven't gone anywhere.  And--brace yourself--more may be coming.

The Washington Business Journal reports Ted Leonsis  and Monumental Sports & Entertainment, who own the Wizards, the Caps, and the Mysticswant to install nine exterior displays on the Verizon Center.  And there is a bill pending before the D.C. Council to let him do just that.

Not all of these signs would be digital, some could also be banners.  But it could also include images projected onto the side of the Verizon Center.  There is already opposition to the plan, as there was for the billboards that are there now (and others that were planned, but shot down).

Our neighborhood is becoming the Times Square of D.C. more and more with each day.

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