Monday, October 10, 2011

NBA Lockout Could Affect Penn Quarter

We are on the cusp of learning whether or not the NBA season will start on time this year.  If no deal is reached today, the first two weeks of the season (set to start November 1st) will be canceled.  And that's the best case scenario.

Though we sometimes begrudge the crowds events at the Verizon Center bring us while at home or at work in Penn Quarter, there's no question that its very presence is what spurred the economic and cultural growth here.

So, without the Wizards, will the local businesses be affected?

David Aldridge at asked that very question to Nelson Greene, III, the manager of Lucky Strike.
"If the NBA lockout continues, it's definitely going to hurt.   But we're just not at the point yet where we're like, 'Ohmigod, no NBA, we're all going to die!'  We feel comfortable that between our product and everything else that's around here, Verizon Center included, that we're going to be OK.  We'll see a dropoff.  But we're going to be fine."
Greene goes on to say that he finds far more of his patronage comes from Caps fans than Wizards fans.   Aldridge also interviewed Tony Cheng for the story, who thought along a similar vein:  "If [the Wizards] win the game, more people come back."

Sounds like local business owners would miss the Wizards more if they were a better team.  Here's hoping the NHL Players Association stays happy...

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