Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DC local government and the federal shutdown

The Mayor's Office has issued a PowerPoint presentation on the implications of a federal budget shutdown on the District.

You can see the full presentation here.  It includes a chart of the essential functions of each government agency.  Some highlights:

Things that will remain open:
  • Metropolitan Police Department
  • Fire and EMS
  • D.C. Public Schools and Charter Schools
  • Limited Health & Human Services: food stamps, medicaid, hospitals, limited unemployment benefits.
Things that will close:
  • DMV
  • Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
  • Department of Public Works (see post about meter maids here)
  • Department of Transportation
  • Public Libraries

The mayor's office says employees of city agencies will be informed by their agency directors whether they have to report to work or not.

Residents can keep track of the shutdown at, D.C. cable channel 16, or by calling 311.

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