Monday, April 18, 2011

A look inside Paul

The Navy Memorial is reflected on the window at Paul
Paul will celebrate it's opening with a ribbon-cutting next Thursday, the 28th, and officially opens May 2nd.  The interior space looks largely completed, however, and it is beautiful inside. 

If the food is good, we expect Paul to be very popular.  It is spacious and looks comfortable and relaxing - the type of place you'd want to stick around and read the paper on a Sunday afternoon.

Here is a peek inside:


  1. Agree on lazy Sunday afternoons there... can't wait!

    Now if only that vacant space (formerly Manhattan Deli) next door would get bought! It's such a beautiful location, overlooking the fountains and memorial.

  2. Those chairs do look comfy!! Looks like this will be a particularly pretty Paul, as to be expected with a flagship store ;-)

  3. It's too bad they have only been allowing food bloggers in to the store, and not trying to build a base among us Penn Quarter residents. I was excited for their arrival, but now I'm not so sure. too bad.

  4. @Anonymous - We certainly don't mean to disappoint you. But given the tight space in the kitchen and our limited time to get our staff up to speed before the grand opening on May 2nd, we strategically reached out to food bloggers and food reporters to help us get the word out about PAUL. We are hoping that later in the year we'll be able to offer some bread-baking sessions to our neighbors and patrons as well.

  5. To be fair, we have not been inside Paul. We have only taken pictures through the windows.

  6. Okay, so my whole family was at the DC Store for breakfast at 8:15 AM on Monday the 2nd. So happy Paul is in DC. My family got hooked on them during a brief time in Franch. The Pain au Chocolat was great - love the two bars of chocolate. The coffee was super - great and small individual pots are super. Wonderful interior space, excellent omelet. One concern was that someone lost their nerve and took out the canele before they were totally done. It takes some courage (I bake them at home) to leave them in until the bottoms are dark brown. But it's the only way the get the right texture. Please keep trying and I'll keep coming!