Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Metro and the pending government shutdown

WMATA is keeping quiet about their plans if there is a federal government shutdown. 

It is a relative unknown because during the 1995 shutdown, D.C. local government continued running, but it may not this time.  Of course WMATA serves more than just D.C.

Penn Quarter Insider asked WMATA representatives about their plans.  Director of Public Relations Lisa Farbstein said "We’ll let customers know in advance what to expect."

So the good news is we'll know what to expect before it happens, the bad news is that is all we know right now. 

As we know more, you'll know more . . .


  1. So metro wants us to plan ahead in case we can not use our normal transportation mode. Then they will not tell us their own plans so we can figure out which plans may work instead?

  2. Bush Jr started this mess!

  3. No they will not Kara, read the story.