Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paul to open May 2nd

Paul, the french bakery going in the former Dacqua space at 801 Pennsylvania Ave N.W., is opening May 2nd, according to a company press release.

Paul has 500 stores in 25 countries, but this is its first in Washington, D.C.  A second store is expected to open in Georgetown in the future.

They promise that "scents of freshly baked bread and the irresistible aromas will fill the restaurant."  Their bakers apparently use a special water filtration system and a seven-hour process to bake their bread

Some of their most popular breads are Le Charlemagne, a baguette bread made from whole wheat flour featuring a thin crust and dense center; pain 7 cereales, a fiber-rich, flavorful bread made with seven healthy grains; and fougasse aux olives, a bread from Southern France made with olive oil and chunky green and black olives.

And you can enjoy that bread in their outdoor terrace seating overlooking the fountains of the Navy Memorial. 

There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 26th, and it will be open to the public on May 2nd.

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