Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PS7 introducing drinks that support your New Year's resolution

PS7 has added a list of cocktails that are under 100 calories to their menu, The Washingtonian reports.

Their mixologist, Gina Chersevani, lost 50 pounds last year and realizes that drinks can quietly add to your daily calorie count.  That's a real problem in Washington, where getting drinks is part of the business culture (if you can call it business).

Chersevani didn't stop at a low calorie-count; her drinks also include ingredients that are healthy (such as a chili that speeds up metabolism, which is infused in vodka) and that encourage slow sipping of your drink - meaning even fewer calories.

Chersevani even makes her own simple syrup, a common and calorie-loaded ingredient in many drinks, with calorie-free Splenda

So now you can celebrate in Penn Quarter without breaking your New Year's resolution - we'll drink to that.

The available 100-calorie (or less) drinks are:
Ant-EYE-ox-A-dent: Sobieski vodka, homemade cranberry-pear juice, green tea, and bitters.

The Chili Flip: Stoli Pomagranik, lemon, and Kashmiri chilis

Dark & Skinny: Sobieski vodka, coco, and vanilla.

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