Friday, January 28, 2011

Washington Post reviews Cuba Libre

Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post has reviewed Cuba Libre, and it wasn't all smiles.

He complains about being briefed at the beginning of each meal--which we agree with, but all-in-all, Cuba Libre is a tourist restaurant.  So it's usually everyone's first time.  He also tells the staff to ease up on the sales pitches, which do get beyond annoying at the 9th and H restaurant.

He also says his food has gotten worse each visit.  That is what we expected of a tourist restaurant, but have not experienced like he has.  Contrarily, our food has gotten better and better.

Sietsema complains about the noise in the restaurant--a complaint that we have heard frequently and sympathize with.  However, he also reports that the restaurant's owners are investing in $30,000 worth of sound absorbers.

He concludes with these words: "Cuba Libre looks like a place for tourists -- and too often lives down to that archetype."

The review is available here.

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