Monday, January 24, 2011

Penn Quarter to get another Chipotle-like restaurant?

There is Chipotle on Seventh Street.  Then there is Merzi, which has been called the Chipotle of Indian Food, and does have a similar setup:

Now the Chipotle of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Food? 

Capitol Hill's Cava Mezze is opening a quick-service restaurant in Bethesda a lot like Chipotle  and is looking for a location in Penn Quarter.

TBD reports, "The grill's menu staples are pitas, bowls, and salads that average about $7, and the ordering-style will be much like Chipotle's."

There is plenty of open retail space in Penn Quarter, and new restaurants are always welcome.  Here is a picture of the new concept at their Bethesda location:


  1. Oh, yes, please! I have been wishing we had a Mediterreanean-style place near us for years!! I hate having to get on the Metro just to get some hummus at Moby Dick.

    Plus, the tzatziki at Cava Mezze rocks!

  2. Just a comment on your writing style... why link to Chipotle's website 5 times in one short post? Just the first link would have been fine.

  3. Here's the Washingtonian's profile of Cava in Bethesda - looks delicious!