Thursday, January 20, 2011

Elena Kagan moving out of the neighborhood?

Our readers have indicated that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan lives in The Lansburgh.  This is not that surprising, particularly since she moved here as Solicitor General at the Justice Department, and The Lansburgh is just a hop, skip, and a jump from her old office. 

In fact, many Justice Department notables have lived at The Lansburgh, including Attorneys General Janet Reno and Michael Mukasey.  We have even heard that Senators Bob Corker and Sheldon Whitehouse live there, too.

Not surprisingly, Kagan has often been spotted in the Penn Quarter area, most recently at Merzi.

But Above the Law reports that Kagan may be moving!  

Kagan was reportedly spotted with two other women looking at a townhouse in the Logan Circle neighborhood.  The townhouse is reportedly valued in the low 7-figures, which makes sense because Kagan sold her home in Cambridge for $1.53 Million.

Being the justice she is, Kagan apparently asked a lot of questions during her tour of the townhouse.

We'll miss you, Justice Kagan.

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