Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pothole on 7th Street causing headaches

Maybe it's too big to be called a pothole.  In the southbound lane on 7th Street approaching D street there is a massive pothole right in front of the future Hill County BBQ.

The pothole is often hard to see (despite its size), causing many cars to hit it hard, especially as they try to make it through the traffic light at D street.  Other cars are practically coming to a stop to roll through the hole at a slow rate of speed, causing a traffic backup.  Some cars are even stopping completely there, waiting for a pause in northbound traffic, and going around the pothole on the other side of the double yellow line.

We don't know if the pothole is related to the construction at Hill Country BBQ, but it is definitely man-made.  Be careful if you're heading down 7th Street--both for the pothole and for cars going around it.

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