Monday, January 3, 2011

December Penn Quarter Crime Statistics

As we do at the beginning of each month, Penn Quarter Insider has (with the help of MPD) compiled the crime statistics for the previous month in Penn Quarter.

The good news: December brought figures showing a 37% decrease in violent crime compared to December 2009.

The bad news: We saw a 14% increase in property crime, and a 4% increase in total crime.

There was only one robbery with a gun and 10 without a gun.  No assaults with a gun, and only 5 with some other weapon. 

On the property side, both burglaries and thefts from autos surged by over 200%.  But stolen vehicles declined by 33%.

Here is a map detailing where the thefts from autos occurred, where you can see a large concentration in the heart of Penn Quarter:

Here is another map showing every instance of crime:

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