Monday, January 31, 2011

Monster Jam at the Verizon Center: Awesome.

This weekend Monster Jam was at the Verizon Center, and PQ Insider was there (like we'd miss this).

The Verizon Center was packed with fans, even most of the luxury suites had people in them.

The event featured free style competitions, where the trucks are given time to crush things and make the crowd go wild, and head-to-head races (over stacks of cars of course).

There were also races between two teams of All Terrain Vehicles.  One team was from New York, which has sufficient trash talk about our fine town, and the other represented D.C.  In the end, D.C. won of course (as in life).

Instead of the real Grave Digger, however, this Monster Jam featured "Grave Digger The Legend," a throwback to the original Grave Digger.  This one has a simple paint job and muted colors, but retains its hearse shape:

Why the different Grave Digger?  It was probably more than just for the sake of nostalgia.  We happen to know that Monster Jam was also holding events this weekend in Anaheim, Orlando, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Greenville (S.C.), Uniondale (N.Y.), Little Rock, Wichita, and Roanoke

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