Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Central introduces take-out

A bucket of chicken from Central
WeLoveDC reports that Michel Richard's Central, one of the neighborhood's most popular restaurants, is introducing take-out.

The whole menu won't be available, but a lot of it is: including the lobster burger and mac 'n cheese.  You can see the take out menu here.

Most notable is that the restaurant has added a bucket of chicken (you read that right).  For $30, you get three breasts, three thighs, ten chicken nuggets, and an order of mashed potatoes.  And it comes with a homemade Dijon/mayo sauce.

Take out will be available during lunch on weekdays and during dinner Monday to Saturday.


  1. Not exactly true about dinner. They only offer take out when they aren't busy... which isn't often. I tried calling last Thursday, and they said they weren't offering the take out menu because they were busy.

  2. Thank you for the info! It is hardly worth finding out if they are busy. When you're in the mood for a bucket of chicken, you're in the mood.