Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fiola amps up their online presence

Fiola chef Fabio Trabocchi poses on the roof of the building housing his restaurant

In anticipation for their April 5th opening, Fiola has increased their online presence.

Fiola has a new website up, which features chef Fabio Trabocchi posing in a number of glamor shots from the roof of 601 Pennsylvania Ave, where his restaurant is located.

Trabocchi also has a blog, where it is clear that English is his second language, which only makes us more excited to try his food.

He is also, of course, on twitter and facebook -- where he says he is in the kitchen cooking this week.

Perhaps most exciting is that Fiola has popped up on OpenTable, though they aren't accepting reservations yet.

All of this publicity is working - we are very excited to try Fiola.

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