Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Executive Chef named for Fiola; opening date announced

Miles Vaden
The Washington Post reports that celebrity chef Fabio Trabocchi has hired an executive chef for his new restaurant, Fiola, taking the Le Paradou space on Indiana Ave.

Trabocchi has hired Miles Vaden, most recently of Eventide in Arlington, who he calls a "rising star."

He has also made several other hires, including Adrian Reynolds from Los Angeles who will be sommelier.  Jeff Faile will be mixologist, leaving Palena in Cleveland Park, and Jason Gehring will be pastry chef, leaving Charleston in Baltimore.

The restaurant is targeted to open on April 5th.

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  1. As we all know, every restaurant in that space failed since BICE, which was masterfully run by Francesco Pistorio. Looks like Fabio Trabocci is assembling a very good team, and all of us who enjoyed MAESTRO so much, look for his new another form.. at this new location. Things havn't been quite the same since Fabio left town...for us--or for him! So--welcome back to make that space successful again.