Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wagamama confirms they are coming to 7th Street (believing it is up to you)

DCist is reporting that Wagamama has confirmed that they do intend to occupy the space on 7th Street next to Hill Country.

This is after they announced they would in 2008 and put up Wagamama 2010 signs in the windows.

Back then, 2010 seemed so far away.  Here we are in March 2011 and the space is still gutted with no sign of progress.

Wagamama still doesn't have a target opening date, but is supposedly going to put a U.S. store (which are a bit different) in the space.

We'll believe it when we see it.  The "for lease" signs went back up in the windows before coming down again (see one of our earliest posts about this).  At some point, Wagamama must have broken their lease or expressed disinterest.  We hope that something happens soon, because that is a large space that has been vacant far too long.

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