Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hill Country's Rock N' Twang Karaoke in review

Yesterday, we told you about Hill Country's Karaoke event that features a live band.  Called Rock n' Twang Karaoke, it was rocking the downstairs of Hill Country last night, and Penn Quarter Insider was there.

Karaoke with a live band is a fantastic idea, and being on stage with a drummer and a couple guitarists sure beats a karaoke machine.  It also allows the band to slow down when the singer slows down, or accommodate the singer after missing a few beats, and that makes it a better show for everyone.

Last night the downstairs was packed, even before the Wizards game let out.  There was a large group there from our neighbor, Living Social.  One of their employees did a great rendition of Sweet Home Living Social. 

There was a line of people to sing on stage, and Hill Country provided an array of costumes, wigs, and hats to make sure you fit the part for the song you wanted to sing:

The band was very good (though we wish they had drowned out some of the singers - just kidding if you were there), and they knew a wide variety of songs.   We didn't expect to hear Miley Cyrus at a Texas BBQ joint, but we did.

The event appears to be happening about every other Wednesday. 

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  1. The Rock n' Twang Live Band Karaoke is actually going to be EVERY Wednesday!