Monday, March 28, 2011

Rumors confirmed: comedy club coming to Penn Quarter

We reported a couple weeks ago about rumors that a comedy club is coming to Penn Quarter.   Those rumors are true.

The Washington Post is reporting that Geoff Dawson, the owner behind Buffalo Billiards, RocketBar, and Iron Horse Tap Room, is opening a comedy club.

The club will be opening at 801 E Street N.W.

The comedy club is expected to be up and running soon - by this June, which gives Dawson just a few months to get everything in order. 

The Club is going to be called Riot Act and their website is already live.  It will be open six or seven days a week and will feature live performances, comedy school, and open mic nights.

They also have a facebook page and a twitter feed.

This will add to the several live performance venues in Penn Quarter we have been blogging about recently, including Hill Country, Sax, and The Hamilton.

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