Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Booze Earlier at Brunch

As our friends at DCist note, it used to be that if you wanted a hair-of-the-dog on Sunday morning (or, perhaps a reason to need a hair-of-the-dog on Monday morning), you'd have to wait until 10 AM.

Well, great news for your hangover: starting soon, you'll be able to get libations starting at 8 AM, if your favorite brunch place has filed for the permit.  (See the note from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration here.)

As of this writing, only one local restaurant had: Chef Geoff's Downtown, but the petition process only opened last week.  Importantly, the permits have not yet gone into effect (ABRA has to review the applications and that process begins today), so don't go knocking down Chef Geoff's door that early this weekend.

Another benefit to the new permits?  You might be able to grab some beer for your Redskins tailgate (or ritual drowning of sorrows) earlier on Sundays.  (Note: local liquor stores Central Liquors, Press Liquors, and Washington Wine & Liquor aren't open on Sundays because it's illegal to sell liquor on Sundays, and it would be too hard for the stores to segregate their liquor stock from their wine & beer selections.  This permitting system does allow stores with only wine and beer (grocery stores and markets) to start selling earlier on Sunday, however.)

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