Friday, October 7, 2011

"Central" Sign Comes Down

DCist is reporting that the Central Liquors sign has, after a year-long battle, finally and sadly come down.  Known to many as an icon in Penn Quarter, we reported back in May when "LIQUOR" had been removed from the sign (as the location was no longer a liquor store).  The DCist's anonymous tipster says that the sign has not been destroyed, and that management is still pushing for its return to the neighborhood.  (Maybe to Michel Richard's Central?)

The Historic Review Preservation Board reviewed the matter last December and found that the "design, size and original materials exhibits distinctive characteristics representative of the vibrant signage once common in Downtown," and we tend to agree.  Some have argued that moving the sign to Central Liquors' new location would bring unwanted neon glare to residents of the Clara Barton and Terrell Place.  We'd love to hear opinions from residents - would the glare be too much?

UPDATE:  Thanks to The Location's quick reporting, we've learned that the sign has been sold to the owner of Comet Ping Pong, the pizza restaurant at Connecticut and Nebraska, NW.  No word yet on plans for the sign.  Read the full update at The Location.

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