Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Win Dinner for Two at Minibar

We know we've been posting a lot about Halloween activities - but we couldn't let this one slip - far too much at stake.

America Eats Tavern, the restaurant formerly known as Cafe Atlantico, has announced that it will host a costume competition on Monday.  If you are the best-dressed American historical figure (a must, to win the costume contest), you and a guest will be treated to dinner for two at Minibar.  While the prize is listed as valuing $300, those in the know know that it's the reservation itself that's far more valuable!  No more frenetic calls each day at 10am, trying to get a seat at the 6 person table a month in advance.

The party is from 8p-11p  - we look forward to seeing all the Betsy Ross and Abraham Lincoln impersonators about town...

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