Monday, October 17, 2011

Michel Richard Bringing Meatballs to Penn Quarter

We've long wondered about the space next to Luke's Lobsters  (626 E Street).  Thanks to our friends at Prince of Petworth, we are happy to report that in just two short weeks we will be treated to Michel Richard's newest outpost: Meatballs.  Richard will be cooking up beef, lamb, crab, fried chicken and even vegetarian balls. Top with your choice of marinara, alfredo, mushroom, or Richard's special sauce that will rotate.  Philadelphians will feel right at home saying "wit or witout," though sadly no cheez whiz is involved - "wit" will mean garlic bread and "witout" will get you a regular roll (rolls will be made twice daily).


  1. check out Huffington Post for more details.

    I have been told that MEATBALLS is a Mark Bucher (Steak Frites in Cleveland Park) restaurant

    to repeat the comment on the sign posting as more may look at it here:

    The sign is up next door to Luke’s Lobster and it is a huge one; way too huge for this part of the Penn Quarter neighborhood — and it is pink, yes pink, neon at night. It’s garish and reeks of the down-and-out, rent-a-room-by-the-night-skid row before it became an artistic haven. Thank heaven it doesn’t flash on and off!

    Oh that poor resident whose condo windows are on either side of the sign — imagine coming home to PINK every night instead of a view down the street! Must have lost a ton of money on the condo’s value as well.

  2. Neon is not a skid row thing. You don't speak for everyone.