Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tweeting for Beers at the Verizon Center

Ted Leonsis, the Caps, Mystics and Wizards owner gave an enlightening interview to WTOP yesterday.

Leonsis first addressed some of the security concerns that plague the area immediately around the arena (like this Gallery Place gang), saying that he had met with the mayor and even the Dept. of Homeland Security and the FBI to ensure the safety of his fans.  He followed up by saying that the Verizon Center is in the "greatest neighborhood," (which we of course agree with).

On a far lighter note, Leonsis clued us in to future plans for concession sales:
"I hope we can maybe implement a way to order food on their cell phones, so they can just go to pick up their food, through Twitter or Facebook or text.  There could even be a way to have it delivered right to their seat.  People want convenience and they'll pay for that."
We're looking forward to tweeting for beers, even though (1) we'll miss watching the bottom-filling beer dispensers and (2) we're not terribly interested in paying more for the service, since the Washington Post points out that we're already paying a 20% premium for beer over last season. You may not have noticed the change, since the price of "one beer" technically has stayed the same - $8.  This year, you're simply getting a 20 oz. pour, instead of a 24 oz. pour.

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