Friday, October 7, 2011

Celebrating Fall in Penn Quarter

The cherry blossoms are nice and all, but fall in DC is second to none.  Here in Penn Quarter, there are lots of way to celebrate and enjoy the season.  If we missed anything, let us know in the comments!

  • Enjoy Gina Chersevani's (PS7's wunderbartender) fall-themed cuptails.  As the name implies, they are cupcakes with a shot of liquor in them.  October's cuptail is the Headless Horseman, a pumpkin-walnut cake with Blanton's bourbon and spiced cream-cheese frosting.  (Now you see why this is first on our list!)  Each month will bring a new cuptail concoction, and there are some others that will rotate through Fall and Winter.  Check out the Washingtonian's roundup of them all.  (If boozy-cupcakes aren't your thing, Red Velvet will be serving nonalcoholic fall treats, too.  Today's delicacy: caramel apple, "the perfect fall feature.") 
  • Celebrate Dia de los Muertos at Oyamel.  According to Oyamel, there will be "creative takes on traditional dishes, featuring special dishes and drinks to die for." 
  • Attend Fright at the Museum at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment from October 21st to the 31st - if you're brave enough!  (And if you (or your kids) are not, they are running an event just for kids on October 30th).  
  • Carve a bread jack-o-lantern at Paul.  For $15 on Oct 22 or Oct 29, you get a drink and snack, a loaf of bread, and a stencil to carve that bread into your very own jack-o-lantern decoration.  NOTE:  This is only available at Paul's yet-to-be-opened Georgetown location, but since Paul was kind enough to grace Penn Quarter with its presence first, we figured we'd give them a shout-out here.  Check out their new digs at 1078 Wisconsin Ave.  
          OCTOBER 21 UPDATE:  Construction at the new Georgetown Paul is a bit behind, so the Oct 22nd 
          event has been moved to the 29th.  There are now two sessions on the 29th: 10a-12p and 1p-3p.

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