Monday, February 6, 2012

Fiola To Expand

Fiola has gotten accolades from us and many others in recent months, so it came as no surprise that the Trabocchi family has plans to expand.
The Toto Room will have a similar look and feel as
Fiola's existing private space, pictured above.

Toto, after whom the
private space is named
According to Dining Bisnow, Fiola will open a new private dining space called the Toto Room in March.  Don't worry - it will still be in Penn Quarter (in fact, in the same building complex as Fiola, just a separate entrance).  Fiola seems to have taken the reins as the latest power hotspot, and Maria Trabocchi reports that the private space will seat up to 100 to accommodate the growing demand (Fiola's private room only seats 50).  The Toto Room is named after Italy's "prince of laughter," Toto.

Even better:  Fiola's rooftop will be open for events and cocktail parties come spring.

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