Monday, February 27, 2012

Restaurant Revamps

Looking to go to Lima tonight for dinner?  Or perhaps craving a specific 901 dish?  You'll be out of luck, but check out what's in store for your old favorites:

The restaurant at Lima has become Fujimar.  Lima Lounge still exists downstairs, but Fujimar's chef says the restaurant now brings a modern twist to Asian and Latin cuisine (not "fusion," per se, but instead playing up the similarities between sushi and ceviche, for example.)  The website is still under construction, but you can get reservations on OpenTable nonetheless.

Meanwhile, 901's chef Tom Hall (you may remember him from Ten Penh) has entirely revamped 901's menu.  901 had taken some flack for being unfocused (you can check out our review here), and now the menu has honed in on Asian dishes meant for sharing.  The menu points out their selections are "'shareable' plates with two or four portions and small composed dishes that all encourage socializing."

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