Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Learning Fiola

Want to cook and make cocktails just like Fiola?  We can help.

The Washington Times has Fiola's famous meatball recipe (Governor Christie ordered 'em just last weekend) here.  (We suggest not paying much attention to the calories you're probably whipping up.  No wonder Chef Trabbochi's wife has designed a low-calorie lunch menu!)  Fiola itself offers three other recipes on its website: veal chop with honey, piadina, and chestnut soup.

More interested in the adult beverages bar manager Jeff Faile mixes up?  You can enroll in Fiola's monthly mixology classes which include a three-course meal meant to complement your cocktails.  Each class is $85, or you can buy all three for $200.
Whiskey Madness - March 14th at 6p
You Say Potato, I Say Juniper (gin) - April 11th at 6p
Amaro, Amaro, I Love Ya, Amaro (an Italian herbal liqueur) - May 9th at 6p

And... for the less culinary-inclined among us: reservations are still available for tonight.

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