Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hill Country catering truck spotted; D.C. website announced

Hill Country BBQ, opening March 12, is seeing all the signs of life.  This morning, Penn Quarter Insider spotted this truck parked on E street. 

While it doesn't appear to be a food truck, like Austin Grill recently launched, it means that Hill Country is going to do catering.

The other important item of note, is that they have the URL for a Washington, D.C. website: hillcountryWDC.com.  For now, that website only forwards to hillcountryny.com, but there is a banner saying that a Washington, D.C. location is "coming soon."

The venue is going to feature barbecue, live music, late hours--and catering.

Update: Hill Country has also reserved the twitter handle @hillcountrywdc, though their only follower so far is @PQInsider.

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